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Service & Repair

We provide a full range of services for your domestic or import vehicle, including:  brakes, engine & transmission services, fluid services, steering & suspension repair, 4x4 services, wheel alignments, preventative maintenance and all other auto repairs. 

NAPA AutoCare is designed with today’s consumers in mind. NAPA knows that a primary concern for consumers is to find a reputable repair business that performs quality work and at a fair price.


NAPA AutoCare is not a franchise, but rather, a quality standard where independent repair business owners are invited to join based upon their community reputation, integrity, qualifications and expertise.

Consumers consistently select a NAPA AutoCare Center because of the trust and confidence they have in NAPA quality parts and NAPA AutoCare’s commitment to excellence. Taking care of your car’s health is an important part of protecting your investment and protecting your family.


This warranty will be honoured by any NAPA AUTOPRO or NAPA AutoCare Dealer (“NAPA Dealer”) participating in this program or any other authorized repair facility anywhere in Canada or the United States.

NAPA AutoCare

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